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Choosing a Seminar

How do you know which OSR seminar is right for you?  What options are available for seminar presentations?

Which Seminar Should You Take

Perhaps you, or your team, need to learn about Windows system software — internals, drivers, debugging, or file systems — but you’re not sure which OSR offering will best meet your needs.

Relax. We know that Windows system software can be a confusing area. That’s why we’re here to help! If you want personal help, or you have any questions on the items listed here, please do not hesitate to contact an OSR Seminar Consultant.

If you need to learn about Windows driver development, but aren’t quite sure where to start, you might find our article Getting Started Writing Windows Drivers helpful.

Locations and Options for Seminar Presentations

You can attend an OSR seminar in several different ways:

  • Take one of our public seminars — We offer public seminars several times a year at different locations throughout the world.  Our list of upcoming seminars always appears on our homepage and the next date(s) for a given seminar are also listed as part of each seminar’s outline.
  • Arrange a private seminar at your facility — If you have a group to train, we can come to you and teach a seminar that’s customized to your needs.  In most cases, it costs far less to have one of our engineer/instructors travel to your site than it would cost for you to send even 8 or 10 people to one of our seminars.  The prices for our on-site seminars are all-inclusive so you always know the full cost in advance.  For more information, check out our private on-site training options.
  • Arrange a private seminar at OSR’s Seminar Space — If you have a group to train, we can a private, fully customized, seminar for you at our dedicated Seminar Space in Manchester, NH.  This can be a great option to get your team out of the office, and let them focus on their learning.  You can also choose to combine some less-structured consulting time with some more formal classroom training.  Contact a member of our seminar team for more information.