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Online Seminars

Select OSR seminars are now live-streamed and registration is available for online participation.

It’s been a long time coming, but OSR is pleased to now offer students the option to join certain seminars in a live, online format. To aid in understanding how we make the online sessions available, please review the FAQ below:

How can I register?
Registering for an online seminar is easy.  You’ll find a “Register Now” link on the outline page for any seminar with a presentation currently scheduled, and if there’s an option to attend online, it will be described in the description and available in the drop-down field for your seminar.
What’s included in the cost of an online seminar?
This can vary per seminar, but along with access to the live-stream of the presentation, we’ll ship your seminar handout to you in advance. This serves as a backup where internet connectivity for your location prevents a seamless video stream. Our WDF Driver I seminar also includes a free OSR USB FX2 Board. We’ll get that out to you in time to work through hands-on labs involving that device.
What does online participation mean?
Online participation is only available (currently) for seminars presented at OSR’s Seminar Space in Manchester, NH. That is, you will be participating along with other online students, AND live, in-person students.
What solution do you use for online seminars?
OSR’s live streamed seminars will be presented using Zoom Meeting software. As a registered online attendee, you’ll be provided with a link to join the meeting, which will be persistent for the duration of your training.
Is there an opportunity to validate/test that I can join the Zoom meeting?
Of course. While we assume most folks are familiar with Zoom (or equivalent web conferencing solutions), we host a test meeting the week prior to seminar start so that students can become familiar with the environment.
What online experience should I expect?
During the seminar presentation, you will have a live-stream feed of audio and video of your instructor presenting content of the seminar. The instructor will use multiple camera views (e.g., whiteboard view, close-up code view) to highlight specific portions of the presentation, while using “classroom” views as the standard view to provide a sense of inclusiveness for online participants. Live, in-person attendees, and YOU, can ask questions. It’s like being AT the seminar, or rather…as close an approximation as we can reasonably manage. But hey…you don’t have to spend $$$ on travel, or haul yourself across the country/globe to attend!
Can you say a *bit* more about the audio/video experience I should expect?
The quality of the A/V experience will vary by attendee and is mostly subject to the internet connection available at your location. For this reason, you will be provided hardcopies of the seminar handouts to follow along. In any case, we DO recommend use of a hard-wired internet connection, and a speaker/microphone combination that you are comfortable with. We’ve had great feedback from students who have attended OSR training online. Zoom Meetings include options for “chat”. Students may use chat to ask questions of the instructor, with the caveat that these may not be addressed until break or at the end of the day. If you are comfortable, we recommend putting your mic to use and jumping right in with questions that are timely based on the topic being covered.
Can I participate in labs?
Certainly. Please be sure to read through the laptop setup requirements to ensure that the laptop you use is properly configured and tested for use in the hands-on lab exercises of this seminar. As with live, in-person attendance at our seminars, we do our best to allocate time late day for lab work – but, our general assumption is that students will take time outside of the seminar (evenings, mornings) to progress with the lab exercises. The instructor will provide an email address for questions that you can take advantage of during and after your seminar. If you have any questions regarding setup, please do contact us in advance of your seminar so that we may assist.