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Robust, flexible, transparent data encryption comes to Linux with OSR’s FESF for Linux.


We Live Windows Drivers, File Systems, and Debugging

At OSR, we’re experts in operating system software: Windows device drivers, Windows file systems, debugging complex Windows problems, and most things related to Windows internals. System software is all we do.  And, over the past 20 years, people tell us we’ve gotten pretty good at it.  Along the way, we’ve even become pretty decent at doing certain kernel-mode software on Linux.

Let us help with your Windows system software project.  Whether it’s one day of consulting for an informal design review and discussion, a multi-day class taught by one of our experienced engineers, or end-to-end custom design and development of your driver, your project can benefit from our definitive expertise.

Upcoming Seminars

Windows Internals and Software Driver Development
9-13 April 2018, Sterling, VA

Writing WDF Drivers I: Core Concepts
7-11 May 2018, Manchester, NH

Kernel Debugging and Crash Analysis
21-25 May 2018, Manchester, NH

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Get Help With Your Project

From one-off meetings to on-going assistance, we provide expert insight to help you reach your goals.

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Accelerate Your Development

Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Start your project with time-tested, real world proven technology from OSR.

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Train Your Team

Driver development, file system, and Windows internals training to bring your team up to speed…

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