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Welcome to the OSR Developer's technical blog. We've relocated the blog here from our OSR Online site to make room for renovations of that site.

This blog is an independent home for our developers to post technical items of interest to the community. It you enjoy it, you can follow our RSS feed from this URL.

Mitigating the $I30:$Bitmap NTFS Bug

Update 1/26 Our sources at Microsoft provided us the following info: Microsoft is aware of a recent research blog post discussing a bug that could appear to lead to possible Read more

Making SDV Work with VS 2019 and WDK 2004

My article in the latest issue of The NT Insider on static analysis tools for driver developers included the following off-hand comment: We’re not going to discuss SDV in this Read more

NTSTATUS to Win32 Error Code Mappings

TL;DR: Shortcut to a PDF version of the NTSTATUS to Win32 ERROR code mapping table: PDF version of The Table here Some time ago, for reasons known only to our Read more