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Training FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about OSR training.

Registering for an OSR seminar is easy.  You’ll find a “Register Now” link on the outline page for any seminar with a presentation currently scheduled. Your credit card payment is handled online and securely, with all relevant detail provided. This is the easiest and most efficient way to secure your registration. If you wish to arrange registration by alternate means, please send an e-mail to or call us at +1-603-595-6500 and we can assist.

There are a couple of different ways to determine which seminar to take. The first way is to review the prerequisites for the seminars that we teach. Prerequisites are part of every seminar syllabus. If you need more help, we offer some guidance on our Choosing a Seminar page.

If you’re still not sure which seminar you should take, call or email an OSR seminar consultant. Tell us your background and your training goals (as well as your career goals… that can make a difference, too!).  We’ll use that information to guide you to the seminar offerings that best meet your needs.  If you have specific technical questions regarding your background or goals, the seminar team will usually refer you to one of the OSR developers who teach the classes.  They’ll discuss technical details with you and guide you in the right direction.

Yes, we highly recommend you review the prerequisites on each the seminar outlines to ensure you meet the minimum requirements to attend our seminars.  Please know that most of our seminars are not designed to appeal to beginners, so you must have some basic understanding of O/S concepts, working knowledge of C/C++, Visual Studio and Windows.  If you have any doubts, please contact an OSR seminar consultant for assistance.

We do our best to offer frequent presentations of our most popular seminars. This has been more possible with our new training space in Manchester, NH. For other locations across the US, we typically will offer our seminars at least twice during a calendar year. Stayed tuned by joining our email seminar list located on our website under seminars.

OSR instructors are all developers who actively work on designing and implementing the industry’s toughest driver and file system projects. We take our real-world experience and apply it in the classroom. Every one of our instructors has years of experience with Windows internals, learned from the source-code level out.

It depends on the seminar format (lab or lecture), and location.  The seminars we run in our Seminar Space (at our offices in Manchester) typically have the fewest students… often as few as 5 or 6.  So, if you want to smallest class experience, we recommend you look for a seminar at our Seminar Space.  The number of attendees at other locations can vary, but 15-20 students is not common.  We work hard to keep the student to instructor ratio low to maximize time for individual learning.

This can vary per seminar and location. For example, our WDF Driver I seminar includes a free OSR USB FX2 Board. At some venues (such as our Seminar Space), we’ll provide continental breakfast and snacks/drinks, and let you explore nearby options for lunch; at others, nearby options for lunch are few and far between, so we include a buffet lunch.

Depending on the specific seminar, we may provide the machines or we may require that you bring your own laptop to class.  When we supply machines, you’ll get dedicated use of real-world machines (no cheapo laptops, no junk-box systems).

And, of course, with every seminar, you will also go home with a full copy of the seminar handouts.

Yes, you do! All previous students whether they took a seminar with us last month or five (5) years ago, will receive an additional discount for attending a future seminar. It never expires either. Let us know when before you register!

The last day to cancel and receive a full refund is four weeks prior to the start of the seminar. Cancellation with less than required notice is subject to a refund less a 20% cancel fee. Attendees for whom unusual circumstances will not be able to attend a seminar for which they are registered are granted a one-time option to reschedule. In this case, there are only two restrictions:

  1. OSR must be informed of intent to reschedule at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of the seminar;
  2. The reschedule must occur within six (6) months of the original seminar start, regardless of OSR seminar availability (i.e. you are limited to the dates and locations where OSR plans to offer future classes).

If the reschedule is not consummated or is subsequently cancelled, even with required notice, the cancellation fee will apply. Cancellation with less than required notice for a rescheduled registration will result in forfeiture of registration fees in FULL. Student substitutions are welcome – OSR must be informed at least two (2) business days prior to the start of the seminar. Transfers of a live, in-person registration to an online registration are possible with minimum five (5) business days notice (or at OSR’s discretion).

Yes, all students attending a public seminar presentation will receive a certificate of completion. Those attending a private, onsite presentation will also receive certificates of completion, if access to attendee information is provided to us.

It sounds goofy, but you need only to bring yourself. And your laptop, if that’s listed as a requirement for the seminar.  OSR provides everything else you’ll need to make your seminar experience a success. You will be provided with a copy of the seminar slides, lab exercises, and any reading material that we think is beneficial for your seminar.

For all seminar presentations, you’ll also be provided with continental breakfast, and snacks/beverages throughout the day (some venues lunch too!). So bring yourself and your questions, and let OSR do the rest.

Oh, and here’s a good hint:  We recommend that you bring a sweater or a sweatshirt, in case you find the seminar room too cold.

We NEVER recommend this. We make every attempt to run seminars that are scheduled, but cancellation is definitely possible, so please make travel arrangements with this in mind.

To ensure the student material is as up-to-date as possible, student handouts are only made available when you arrive at the seminar. The exception is that students attending ONLINE will be shipped a handout in the days prior to seminar start.

No. We do not permit audio or video recording of our seminar presentations.

We have several engineering staff members who instruct our seminars. As their availability can change depending on project and consulting schedules, we are not typically in a position to confirm the name of the instructor in advance of your presentation. Rest assured, all instructors are senior OSR staff who have been teaching students how to write and debug kernel mode software on Windows for many years.

We have literally traveled the globe, teaching public and private seminars in Europe, Asia, Australia and just about any place that you can imagine!  We haven’t been to Antarctica yet, and we’re still holding-out hope that somebody at McMurdo Station wants to learn how to write WDF drivers.

Contact an OSR seminar consultant for more information about both public and private OSR’s international seminars.

At the present time, we only teach seminars in the English language.  When we teach in the US, we teach in colloquial American English.  When we teach outside the US, our instructors specifically teach using International English. A significant percentage of our engineering staff have been specifically trained in communicating in International English.

Certainly. For some seminars hosted at OSR’s Seminar Space, we live-stream the content, and a limited number of seats are available.

A lot!  We can come to your site and teach a customized version of any of the seminars we offer.  We can even custom-develop content for any topics within our area of expertise.

We can also arrange for private seminars in our new training room for small groups of developers at OSR’s offices in beautiful New Hampshire.

Start by checking out our Private Seminar page and then contact an OSR seminar consultant for more information.

Special Requests and Accommodations

We strive to meet the dietary requirements of our seminar attendees, and are able to do so at most seminar locations with clear instructions and advance notice.  Please let us know through your online registration, or contact the OSR seminar staff to discuss your dietary needs.

Many of the venues for our public seminars are accessible under ADA guidelines; this includes our new training space in Manchester, NH. We do recommend you contact the OSR seminar staff in advance to discuss any concerns you might have about accessibility or other accommodations available for a particular seminar offering.