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OSR Seminars

Need to Learn Windows Internals, Drivers, or File System Minifilters?

You’ve come to the right place.

OSR teaches public and private seminars about Windows driver development, file system development, minifilter development, debugging, crash dump analysis, forensics, and Windows internals. Public seminar presentations are regularly scheduled around the world, including regular presentations at OSR’s dedicated Seminar Space at our offices in Manchester, NH or via remote attendance.  Customized, private presentations are also available to corporate clients at their location or, optionally, at our Seminar Space.

For more than fifteen years, OSR has been the preferred provider for device driver, file system, and debugging training within the Windows division at Microsoft. If you’re wondering how to write a device driver for Windows, how to create a file system mini-filter, or how to analyze a Windows crash dump, we have the right seminar for you!

The following are our most popular seminars:

  • Writing WDF Drivers I: Core Concepts
    Our most popular seminar. Learn the latest model for developing device and filter drivers for Windows.
  • Writing WDF Drivers II: Advanced Implementation Techniques
    Picking up from where our WDF seminar ends, this seminar explores the practical side of creating drivers for high performing and more complex uses.
  • Windows Internals and Software Drivers
    This seminar presents an excellent orientation to the overall architecture of the Windows operating system and teaches how to write “software only” drivers to perform specialized tasks in kernel mode.  This seminar is very popular with security researchers and engineers involved in security and thread analysis/modeling.
  • Kernel Debugging and Crash Analysis
    Going far beyond teaching you how to use the debugging, this seminar teaches you actual techniques for debugging and analyzing kernel-mode issues.  This seminar is popular with driver developers, advanced testers and system administrators, and security researchers.
  • Developing Filter Manager Minifilters for Windows
    Filter Manager Minifilters form the core of many antivirus, file backup/replication, hierarchical storage subsystems, and security products.  They appear deceptively simple to write.  In this seminar, you’ll learn the details of what to do, and what to avoid, in designing and implementing your Minifilter.

Why Take An OSR Seminar?

OSR Seminars are the real deal, period. What else would you expect from the world’s leading resource for Windows system software training, development, and consulting? All OSR instructor/developers work daily on some of the industry’s most leading-edge projects. They bring that real-world practical knowledge to the classroom to benefit their students.

  • At an OSR seminar you’ll benefit from OSR’s experience by learning common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid in your project.
  • At an OSR seminar you’ll learn not just the “how” but also the “why” about writing and debugging Windows device drivers and file systems.  Knowing key implementation strategy helps make you productive quickly.  A solid base of architecture and concepts will ensure you have plenty of knowledge to build on as your skills (and project needs) grow.
  • At an OSR seminar you will gain insights into Windows architecture that only developers who know Windows at the source-code level can provide.

  • At an OSR seminar you will get your questions answered during the seminar and via email from the instructor after the seminar.  We’re committed to your success, both during and after your training experience.
  • At an OSR Seminar you’ll experience the same high quality training we’ve provided for years, on a regularly scheduled basis, to the Windows team at Microsoft.
  • At an OSR seminar you’ll learn why we’ve been the number one resource for Windows system software development for 20 years.  Nobody has trained more driver and file system developers than OSR!

If you’re looking for the typical, boring technical presentation… don’t bother coming to an OSR seminar. However, if you’re looking for a seminar presented by high-energy instructors that really know the ins and outs of Windows internals, drivers, and file systems – don’t wait any longer.