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About OSR

Who We Are

At OSR, we take pride in knowing our business, knowing it well, and applying this knowledge for the benefit of our clients. We know Windows systems internals better than anyone, and we’re happy to tell you that. We don’t know MFC, COM, SOAP, Ruby on Rails or almost any of that other programming that happens up in user-mode. And we’re happy to tell you that, too. So whatever you receive from OSR – whether it be a product, Solution Kit, seminar or project deliverable – you’ll know that it was developed by an engineering team that is tops in its field.

OSR’s engineering team is composed of senior developers who love the challenge of solving problems and working in kernel-mode on Windows. Many of our engineers have over 15 years of experience developing systems software. Some have more than 20. Almost all have been working on kernel mode software for Windows since the first Windows NT Beta releases (1993). Several have been recognized by Microsoft and the Windows driver development community as leaders in their field, and have been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional status. We live to delve into complex driver and file system projects.

But it’s not only our technical abilities that have kept our clients coming back to us for more than 20 years. We’ve also built our reputation on confidentiality, discretion, and a refreshingly forthright approach to every assignment we undertake. Tech companies, from the largest players in software, silicon, and smartphones to the smallest emerging companies in storage, services, and security have learned they can trust OSR when the results really matter.

Engaging OSR consulting or development services is a great way to take advantage of our knowledge. And don’t forget our world-class training services. The same engineers who develop and consult also teach – ensuring that our seminar students receive the real story about writing kernel-mode software.

Company Profile

For more than 22 years, the leadership of OSR has built a consultancy based on quality service, definitive expertise, and unparalleled experience in the highly specialized hi-tech sector of Microsoft Windows® internals and system software. OSR has established itself as the worldwide authority and premier provider of technology and services in its industry.

There are four major components of OSR’s business activities:

  • Training
    OSR training services consist of private and public seminars on a variety of highly technical topics including Windows internals, driver development, file system development, and debugging.
  • Solution Kits
    OSR Solution Kits are often critical components to innovative customer solutions in the Windows enterprises, including such products in data replication, encryption, compression, virus scanning, policy management, quota management, hierarchical storage management, archiving/backup, virtualization, and more.

  • Consulting
    OSR consulting services cover a broad spectrum of efforts, from brief consultations to extended research to design engagements.
  • Custom Development
    OSR’s custom development services are also varied.  Often leveraging our consulting services, our development services range from creation of prototype implementations to speed customer development, to fully turnkey end-to-end project design, implementation, and certification.