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Immerse yourself in a software development project or finally track down that “one last” bug, all while having regular access to the world-class experts at OSR – literally at OSR. Get out of your office and the myriad of distractions it entails and spend a week at OSR’s facilities, taking advantage of the resources and expertise we can offer.

The Developer-In-Residence service includes:

  • Up to one (1) week of on-site time at OSR facilities, in Manchester, NH
  • Access to a dedicated OSR engineer, knowledgeable in the specific disciplines required, to serve as a host during your visit
  • A fully-equipped, private office
  • A debug target machine (setup per customer requirements where feasible), cabling, and other items for exclusive use
  • A minimum of eight (8) hours of one-on-one time with the OSR host engineer, to include:
    • An introductory, half-day meeting to get setup, discuss project issues, etc.
    • Daily “end of day” wrap-up meeting
  • Lunch daily (and, it should go without saying, all the free snacks, coffee and soda you need to keep you productive)

Every visit is customized to fill the needs of the specific visiting developer, with the option to reserve additional dedicated time with an OSR engineer, or additional resources that your project might require.  To find how we can work to meet the needs of your team contact us now at sales at