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Windows System Software Consulting Services

Do You Have Windows Driver/Architecture Questions?  We Have Definitive Answers!

At its heart, OSR is a consulting company.  Renowned for its no-nonsense approach to assignments, and its scrupulous regard of confidentiality concerns, the OSR engineering team can bring its expertise to your project. Whether you have Windows driver development, Windows file system development, or a general Windows kernel-mode project, OSR can help.

You might need just a day or two with an architect.  OSR can help.  If you’re starting a significant project involving Windows kernel-mode software, wouldn’t it be beneficial to have another seasoned engineer sit down with your team to discuss design options? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have somebody with extensive knowledge of Windows I/O subsystem architecture review the approach you’ve chosen, with a fresh outlook, and describe the pluses and minuses they see?  In our experience, the result can be either very reassuring… or can lead to a new design direction (thereby saving months of effort).

Or maybe your team is undertaking a Windows project, but is still learning the details of Windows OS architecture. OSR can help.  Maybe it would be helpful to start your project with a design created by an experienced engineering team, built precisely to the requirements you specify.  Perhaps it would save time to start with some basic skeleton code, debugged and working, to ensure your project’s built on a sound base.  Maybe you’d like to have a senior engineer visit with your team, explain how this skeleton works, and what the next steps are in the implementation.  Maybe they could also conduct a little “mini-seminar” about the specific area of Windows drivers that applies to your task.  In our experience, this approach can save time and avoid early mistakes that threaten to derail an otherwise great project.

Maybe you’re reaching the end of your development cycle, but are having trouble getting the bug rate down. OSR can help.  Over the years, our team has done dozens of code reviews.  We focus not on style, but on architectural and implementation soundness within the Windows kernel-mode environment.  In our experience, the finding from an OSR code review can result in increases in product stability and performance.

Sometimes the difference between a project being super successful and a project “just making it” is an extra hand from someone who’s “been there”.  Windows systems software development can be a jungle. This is where OSR can be of particular help. We know Windows, from the source level out. As a result we can – and regularly do – figure out how to accomplish complex tasks for clients who would have been struggling for months trying to climb over a wall. After all, most things are easy if you know how to do them, and the way to get good at something is to do it a lot. This is why we specialize in Windows system software – remember it’s ALL we do.

In consulting engagements, we tailor our services to your needs. Whether you need a few days in a conference room “whiteboarding” a product architecture; a code review of an developed solution that is planned for a beta period; a root-cause analysis on a critical issue in the field; due-diligence work in a matter of product evaluation, or subject matter expertise for legal issues. Consulting assistance from OSR is available in whatever form with most benefit you.  But no matter how it is acquired, you can be assured that we’ll be bringing our definitive expertise, long-proven record of discretion and confidentiality, industry experience, and solid reputation to bear on our engagement with you.