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Private On-site Training

Whether you’re located in Seattle or Shenzhen, Denver or Delhi, Raleigh or Reading (all places to which we’ve actually traveled recently to teach seminars) we can bring the OSR seminar experience to your team, at your location, at less cost than you might have expected.

Aside from allowing your team members to stay home and avoid travel, there are numerous benefits to arranging a private seminar from OSR. A private, on-site seminar format allows you to:

  • Get project specific questions answered. OSR instructors have the expertise to help your group solve your toughest roadblocks.
  • Customize your seminar. We know Windows drivers and file systems; take advantage of it. Customize your seminar to fit your group’s specific needs.
  • Focus on specific topics. Spend extra time on topics you really need and less time on topics you already know.
  • Provide an ideal experience. For groups working on a project or looking to increase their knowledge of a particular topic, OSR’s customized on-site seminars are ideal.
  • Save money. The quote you receive from OSR includes everything you need. There are never additional charges for materials, shipping, or instructor travel.
  • Save more money. Bringing OSR on-site to teach a seminar costs much less then sending several people to a public class. And you’re not paying for your valuable developers to travel.
  • Save time. Less time out of the office for developers is a good thing.
  • Save hassles. If you don’t have space or lab equipment available, no worries. An OSR seminar consultant can arrange everything for you.

Take advantage of OSR’s world-recognized expertise and get the specific, customized information that your team needs. Be sure to check with us about any additional topics in which you’re interested – chances are we can accommodate your needs.

The Details

When you arrange for an on-site seminar from OSR, you can expect that the cost we’ll quote you includes all of the costs necessary to hold the seminar at the location you specify. We don’t guess or estimate and there are never any “surprise charges” added on later. In fact, most companies tell us that they save money when training only nine or ten students on-site.

Included in the cost of presenting all private seminars are:

  • Seminar materials
  • Shipping costs
  • Instructor travel and expenses
  • Limited customization of content to tailor the material and presentation

An OSR seminar consultant will work with your company to assist in arranging all aspects of the seminar, including lab setup. If you don’t have the resources to hold a lab seminar at your facility, let us know. An OSR seminar consultant can arrange everything for you.

Our planning experience isn’t just limited to logistics. We have over 25 years of experience in seminar presentation and design. We have literally trained thousands of engineers in public and private seminars all over the world. When you schedule an on-site seminar, we put that experience to work, helping you define the topics and method of presentation that will best meet your team’s training goals.