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Engineering Team Leaders

Peter Viscarola: Founder, Consulting Partner

Peter is founder, President, and Consulting Partner at OSR. His background includes extensive technical and managerial experience at Digital Equipment Corporation where he was responsible for managing large, geographically disperse technical teams. Peter is the primary OSR liaison with Microsoft and has made substantial technical contributions to Windows and the Windows Driver Development Kit. He is directly responsible for ongoing corporate strategy, and provides leadership (ranging from management to hands-on technical contributions) to OSR’s driver development efforts.

Peter is a device driver expert, with extensive experience in high-performance and complex driver solutions.  He has been responsible for the design, review, specification, or development of hundreds of Windows drivers throughout his career.  Peter has been an invited speaker at nearly every major industry forum including the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC), Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF, where he won an award as a top speaker), and Microsoft’s Driver Development Conference. Peter is a co-author of Windows NT Device Driver Development (MTP, 1998) and has published dozens of articles in The NT Insider.

Peter was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) from 2003 until his withdrawal from the program in 2019.  He was an MVP in both the File Systems Storage and Windows Hardware Engineering.  Peter has been granted 8 patents in relevant technology areas.

Peter regularly teaches OSR’s WDF as well as the Internals and Software Drivers seminars, and is one of the authors of OSR’s Developer’s Blog.

Scott Noone: Engineering Partner

Scott is OSR’s newest technical partner, and has been with the firm all of his professional career.  During that time, he has developed definitive expertise in Windows internals ranging from device drivers to file systems.  Scott has made contributions to the Windows operating system ranging from designing and implementing a new class of device, to designing and implemented updates to kernel-mode components in Windows Server.  Scott’s development work stresses a balance of efficiency and performance, and always exhibits the utmost in technical rigor.  This attention to technical detail, quality, and thoroughness earned him the title of OSR Engineering Partner in 2013.  He is responsible for mentoring the entire OSR engineering staff (even the Consulting Partners!) in engineering methodology, and serves as Development Lead for the more junior members of OSR’s development staff.

Scott has designed and implemented dozens of complex projects ranging from the device level (including high-speed DMA storage device support) through the file system and file system filter levels.  Scott’s ability to debug Windows kernel-mode problems is legendary, and as a result he serves as OSR’s chief problem analyst.  In this role he analyzes problems that clients bring to OSR, often as a result of others giving up on the hope of finding a solution.  His interest in debugging and postmortem analysis has also lead Scott to work in the area of forensics and cyberwarfare.

Scott was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) from 2009 through 2017, in both the File Systems Storage and Windows Hardware Engineering.  Scott has been granted 7 patents in software technology.  He regularly contributes to The NT Insider and OSR’s Developer’s Blog.

Scott regularly teaches OSR’s WDF, Internals and Software Drivers, and Kernel Debugging seminars.