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OSR: Could You Be One of Us?

OSR is a small, dynamic computer software consulting firm, focused on delivering definitive expertise and highly successful commercial solutions to a world-wide client base. It is an organization where all employees, regardless of position, create value and opportunity for themselves and the company, and where effort, teamwork, and loyalty are rewarded by a company that operates for the benefit of the people it employs.

Those that join our engineering team are passionate about Windows system internals. They live for working on some of the world’s most interesting, and most difficult, system software projects. They thrive on growing and demonstrating their expertise daily. They welcome the opportunity to work with some of the most exciting companies and technologies in the computing industry. They revel in the camaraderie that comes with working on a small team that can “make a difference”. And they enjoy seeing the results of their work first-hand and reaping the rewards that come from it.

Those that join us outside of engineering enjoy seeing their efforts translate into company and personal success.

As a service-based firm, OSR’s reputation and success is dependent on the people who come to work every day. OSR and you may or may not be the right fit for each other. Very often, a hire will come about as a function of happening upon the right person at the right time.We do occasionally advertise open positions, and you’ll find those listed below. In the meantime, we’ll only know if you might be one of “us” if you take the next step and make contact. What’s stopping you?

Current Openings

Software Engineers: We don’t always have open positions available.  But, we’re always curious to talk to an exceptional individual who’s interested in working specifically at OSR.  Is that you?  If so, send your resume and cover letter to recruiting at But don’t stop there! Tell us about yourself. Tell us what interests you. Explain to us why it would be a dream-come-true for you to work with us, and why it would be a mistake for us not to hire you.  Don’t laugh, it’s worked in the past!