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Javascript? Website development? Games? Blah!

Here at OSR, one of the things we do is write software that interfaces computers to devices in the real world. What sort of devices? Well… lots of different types of devices, it turns out.

Here’s one: We designed and implemented software that helps to command and control flight, and collect live video from an unmanned aerial vehicle like this:

We also designed and developed software that secures USB devices to prevent malware attacks, at places like this

all over the world.

We’ve written code that powers machines like this one

that analyze blood, urine and cerebral spinal fluid for hospitals.

Our software also powers machine vision systems like these

in both high-tech and low tech settings.

And that’s just a FEW of the things we do.  The software we design and develop is also used to: 

  • Transparently encrypt and decrypt documents… for data loss prevention and restricted access. 
  • Monitor system activity (from process creation to file creation and network accesses) to detect malware and intrusion threats in commercial and industrial cyber-security environments. 
  • Track and back-up sectors that have changed on local storage, but in a selective and ultra-efficient way.
  • Control and manage high-performance FPGA devices, used (among other things) to dramatically accelerate image analysis, video transcoding, and data compression.  Just one example: A GZIP operation that might take almost two minutes on a conventional system takes less than 3 seconds with FPGA acceleration.  Cool, right?
  • Selectively cache changes to files on specified volumes, so the data can be discarded (and the system returned to its original, unmodified, state) on reboot.

Current Openings

Highly Accomplished System Software Engineers / Consultants

We’re always interested in talking with highly experienced devs in the area of system software (any OS), embedded systems, or device design who are curious if working with us might create some sort of synergy.   We’re particularly interested in talking with folks that have established consulting practices about how we might work together.  Reach out, and let’s see if we can help each other!

Software Engineers (0 to 5 Years of Experience):

If you’re into operating systems, how software interfaces with hardware, file systems, or just working on challenging software problems where performance and code size still matter… we might have a career for you at OSR.

We’re looking for folks to write and debug system software (both user-mode and kernel-mode) and work with clients as members of a small team to solve complex technical problems. Depending on your level of experience, interest, and expertise you might also contribute to solution architectures, design and implement software solutions in C/C++ or even C# at times, perform crash dump and problem analysis (for in-house and client problems), contribute to our test efforts, visit our client sites to consult or discuss problems, teach some of the seminars we offer throughout the world, help push our dev ops CI/CD processes to new heights, and/or write technical papers or articles. There are many ways you can contribute at OSR.

While Windows kernel-mode architecture, design, and programming are what we do most here at OSR, we also do a substantial (and growing) amount of kernel-mode work on Linux and (even) MacOS.

Right now, we’re looking for less experienced engineers: From engineers just finishing their studies to those who have as much as 5 years of system software development experience.

Those that join our engineering team are passionate about operating system internals. They live for working on some of the world’s most interesting, and most difficult, system software projects. They thrive on growing and demonstrating their expertise daily. They welcome the opportunity to work with some of the most exciting companies and technologies in the computing industry. They welcome working with clients from differing disciplines, backgrounds and cultures. They revel in the camaraderie that comes with working on a small team that can “make a difference”. And they enjoy seeing the results of their work first-hand and reaping the rewards that come from it.

What we’re looking for are engineers who:

  • Have strong engineering and problem solving skills
  • Have solid experience programming in C/C++
  • Understand operating systems concepts, including virtual memory and multi-threading.
  • Want the challenge of working on, very literally, the most difficult system software challenges in the industry.
  • Demonstrate exceptional written and verbal communications skills in standard English.
  • Responsibly commit to software delivery dates and consistently deliver on those commitments (within their level of experience and expertise).
  • Understand the need to search for the root of a problem and not just solutions to a problem’s symptoms,
  • Demonstrate the tenacity to stick-with a problem until an appropriate solution is identified
  • Enjoy interacting with other engineers and sharing what they know, and learning where and when they can.
  • Happily work among various cultures (worldwide) and with engineers of various levels of experience and expertise.

If this all sounds good to you, then we VERY much want to hear from you. Drop us a note with your resume and tell us why we can’t afford not to hire you!


  1. These positions initially require working in Manchester, NH, USA. We cannot accommodate applicants who must work remotely.
  2. Yes, we really are looking for engineers with five years or less experience.
  3. You must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. We’re sorry, but as a small company we cannot sponsor applications for, or holders of, ANY type of visa (including H1B, F, or TN). We know this means we’ll miss out on lots of smart folks… but, sadly, that’s how it has to be right now.
  4. You will need to pass a criminal and financial background check.