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NVMe Driver Solution Kit

V1.0 of the NVMe Driver Solution Kit is now available.  Contact to learn more about feature support, licensing options and to secure access to an evaluation release.

The newest and most promising storage technology to come along in many years is NVM Express.  This new standard for super-fast storage hardware couples the performance of solid state storage with the throughput of PCIe.

The results can be truly impressive. However, we all know that attaining maximum performance with Windows in the real-world requires more than just a promising technology standard.  A truly excellent device driver is also required. Such a driver needs to be designed and built for performance — and advanced feature support — from the very start.

OSR offers just such a high performance and high functionality driver in our NVMe Driver Solution Kit.

The OSR NVMe Driver Solution Kit provides both full source code and pre-built binaries for a high-performance Windows NVMe driver, right out of the box. You may use and redistribute the OSR NVMe Driver as provided or customize it using your own software team’s resources or with help from the team at OSR.

While the OSR NVMe Driver provides literally industry-leading performance out of the box, customization allows you to add specific features and/or interfaces (pass through, error control, data set management, or diagnostics) to the driver for your use.  This allows you to exploit unique features of your hardware, create unique value-adds for your customers, or enable special features for your data center.  The driver can also be customized to address specific design centers or unique environments.

The OSR NVMe Driver:

  • Implements NVMe 1.1b capabilities, plus added features
  • Supports Windows 7 and later client systems and Windows Server 2008 R2 and later server systems
  • Complies with all guidelines for Windows Hardware Certification
  • Demonstrates better performance and lower CPU utilization during internal testing (doing 4K reads using IoMeter at any queue depth) than the Microsoft-supplied NVMe Driver (provided in box with Windows 8.1+).

To be clear: The above are neither projections nor promises.  The list above represents the demonstrated capabilities of the driver today.

It takes deep knowledge of the Windows storage subsystem and the StorPort architecture, coupled with years of experience in Windows driver development and performance analysis, to create industry-leading performance from a new technology. Who knows more about the Windows storage stack than OSR?

You can have a custom NVMe Driver for Windows, without having to write (or even support) your own code.  Start with a proven solution that you know works, a Windows NVMe Driver that supports Windows 7 and later, and a driver that you know provides the highest performance available anywhere.  We’ve already done the hard work for you, using our experience.  Leverage that work, and bring your product to market faster.

Contact OSR Sales to learn more about the OSR NVMe Driver Solution Kit.