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OSR Solution Kits: Proven, Enabling Technology

Delivering value-add technology in the Windows enterprise is a daunting task. Windows itself is pervasive, and the wide range of environments that your solution needs to correctly operate in are overbearing. Add time to market pressures into the mix and the risk is rushing a solution to market to early, or missing the market all together.

This is where an OSR Solution Kit can be the answer. Our software development Solution Kits provide solutions that package stable, time-testing technology, with support from an engineering staff that has helped dozens of customers deliver successful solutions to market. OSR Solution Kits are generally licensed on a flat-fee model that includes the licensing fee and one year of support and maintenance services. Support for these Solution Kits is comprehensive, and can include special engagements for customization, performance enhancements, or broadened support. Many clients continue to purchase annual support contracts from OSR to be given access to updated versions of the Solution Kits and support for new Windows releases.

What’s Included?

License a Solution Kit from OSR and you’re getting much more than a downloaded software solution. We’ve spent dozens of engineering man-years developing this technology so you don’t have to, but it would be of limited value without the value in OSR as a whole, backing you up.

  • Code. It’s a software development Solution Kit, so of course, the major component is the software itself. Depending on the particular kit, source code and/or object code may be provided.
  • Samples. All Solution Kits include sample code that demonstrates use of the interface, and/or may be used as a bases for implementing the solution.
  • Documentation. Release notes and APIs are provided and updated with every release.
  • Training, consulting. Depending on the particular Solutiion Kit, training or consulting may be included. If not, multiple options are available for adding such solutions as part of licensure for a discounted fee.
  • Maintenance releases, bug fixes and updates. Essentially, this is traditional incident support.
  • Upgrades to new versions of Windows. WE worry about O/S level changes to ensure our Solution Kits “just work”, allowing you to concentrate on the value-add of your solution.
  • Answers to your questions. One of the most underrated values in our Solution Kit licenses. Our experience is just part of the value we bring to the table. Use it to your advantage.
  • License to use and distribute. All Solution Kits include a royalty-free right to use and distribute Solution Kit binaries as part of your solution.

Even more, with your Solution Kit license you partner with an industry-recognized specialist with a reputation for assisting a worldwide client base to deliver solutions to market that increase revenue, spark exit strategies, drive shareholder value and are measured as a success by almost any metric available.