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More PI to Love… And Windows Supports It!

More PI to Love… And Windows Supports It!

I admit it:  This one took me by surprise.  Now, I have been busy, so perhaps I just wasn’t paying attention to my buddies who live and breathe Windows IoT Core.  But just when I’ve barely gotten used to the idea that Windows 10 IoT Core runs on the Raspberry Pi 2, the Foundation has today (29 February 2016) released the Raspberry Pi 3.

Looks a lot like the RPI 2, Doesn't It?

Looks a lot like the RPI 2, Doesn’t It?

The RPI 3 is based on a new 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU (ARM V8-A), which provides a significant performance increase over the 900 MHz quad-core ARM Cortex A7 (ARM V7-A) used in the RPI 2.

The new version of the PI maintains basic architectural compatibility and close to the identical form-factor as the PI2, but adds integrated WiFi (802.11n) and Bluetooth (V4) support.

And it costs the same as the PI2: US$35.

And it runs Windows 10 IoT Core. Today. On the day of its announcement. You can manage the Windows OS setup using NOOBS.  There’s already a cool project that shows-off Windows 10 Iot Core on the RPI3 on Hackster.

Nobody can tell me that’s not cool. Windows isn’t playing catch-up on stuff like this anymore…  it’s actually leading the way.  Any Windows dev has got to like that.

(Photo courtesy RPI Foundation)

Article Name
Windows 10 IoT Core Supports Raspberry Pi 3
On the day that the Raspberry Pi 3 was announced, Windows IoT Core was available to support it via NOOBS.
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