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TH1, RS1, 1511, 14332 — Happy Anniversary?

TH1, RS1, 1511, 14332 — Happy Anniversary?

If you’re having trouble following the lingo, code names, version numbers, and build numbers of the recent Windows releases you’re not alone.  Our test lead recently asked me: “Redstone?  Is that RS1?  Is that Windows V.Next?”

Yeah… who can remember, right?

Because we keep forgetting, we thought you also might benefit from this little table.

Release NameCode NameVersionBuild
Windows 8.1 RTMBlue6.3.96009600.16384
Windows 8.1, Update 1S146.3.96009600.17031
Windows 10 RTMThreshold (TH1)10.0.1024010240
Windows 10 November UpdateThreshold 2 (TH2)V151110586
Windows 10 Anniversary UpdateRedstone 1 (RS1)V160714393
Windows 10 Creators UpdateRedstone 2 (RS2 – “Creators”)V170315063
Windows 10 Fall Creators UpdateRedstone 3 (RS3)V1709(tbd)

Servers?  We’ve got Server, too.

OS VersionVersionServer Name
Vista6.0Server 2008, AKA “Vista Server”
7.06.1Server 2008, R2
8.06.2Server 2012
8.16.3Server 2012, R2
10.0 (build 14393)10.0Server 2016