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WDK 1709 (aka 16299 aka RS3) Released!

WDK 1709 (aka 16299 aka RS3) Released!

Yet another release of Windows 10 means yet another release of the WDK:

The big news with this release is that driver development is finally integrated with Visual Studio 2017. Also good news is that this kit continues to support development for Windows 7, meaning that there aren’t many reasons to NOT upgrade to the latest kit.

A new release of the Enterprise WDK is also available, which continues to be a great way to maintain a snapshot of the development environment for build server/continuous integration purposes.

Word is that there are some interesting under the hood changes to Static Driver Verifier (SDV) in this release. Visual Studio 2017 support also means that we get access to C++ Core Guidelines checking in Code Analysis, which we’re pretty excited about playing with an potentially integrating into our driver development practices. And we’ve been told that driver deployment/test system provisioning will actually work in this release, though as usual we’ll believe that when we set it.

For more information about this release check out the What’s New page on MSDN: