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FESF for Linux

Enterprise Grade Transparent Data Encryption Now Available on Linux

OSR’s popular per-file transparent encryption Solution Framework for Windows is Now Available for Linux

OSR’s File Encryption Solution Framework (FESF) for Windows makes the development of transparent, on-access, per-file encryption products easy.  The keys to the Framework’s success have been its robustness, the flexible ways that policy can be determined, and the fact that  policy determination is done by FESF-based products entirely in user-mode.  The time to market advantages, and support/reliability advantages, of using FESF have been proven by multiple commercial products that have been built to date.

Now, OSR has brought that same cutting-edge robustness, flexibility, and time to market advantage to the Linux platform.

Designed from the ground-up as a native kernel-mode Linux file system, the FESF for Linux Solution features compatibility of encrypted files between Windows and Linux platforms.  True to the spirit of the original FESF implementation on Windows, the Linux implementation supports flexible policy determination in user-mode by FESF-based products.

FESF for Linux supports RHEL 7.4 and later, as well as equivalent CentOS releases.  FESF is fully compatible with systems running SELinux.

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December 2018:

FESF for Linux V1.0 has been released!  We have concluded our early-access program, and FESF for Linux V1.0 is now available.

September 2017:

While we have a long way to go yet, we’ve completed some basic prototyping. We have basic on-access transparent encryption and decryption working, with Windows FESF compatibility.  Here’s a very brief (about 3 minute) demo: