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Should Microsoft Hold a Conference for Driver Developers?

So we’ve been thinking, like we do.  Back in the day, Microsoft used to hold a periodic conference specifically for Windows driver developers.  It was nothing fancy.  It was three days long and usually featured lots of presentations on what was happening in the Windows, device, and driver spaces.

The last time there was such a conference was in 2008, on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond.

Since that time, content aimed at driver developers has been presented in all sorts of venues: //build, WinHEC… other places.  Recently, lots of good info has been presented at WinHEC, but the last few WinHEC conferences have been in Greater China.

So, we were wondering: Should Microsoft hold a conference focused on getting information to Windows driver developers sometime soon?

Tell us what you think by answering the following 6 questions.  You must select an answer for each question.  Click “Vote” (at the bottom) to register your opinion, and we’ll show you the results so far.  The poll is anonymous, and while we will share the results with relevant folks Microsoft we should make it clear that Microsoft is neither sponsoring or endorsing this poll.

Update 11 October 2017: Voting is closed.  The results are in!

How WELL INFORMED are you about RECENT developments in the Windows driver space?
Have you attended a WinHEC conference (specifically WinHEC, not any other conference)?
Should Microsoft hold a conference that specifically focuses on getting information to driver developers?
If Microsoft SHOULD hold a conference for driver developers, WHERE would you PREFER that conference to be held?
If Microsoft held a driver developer conference in your preferred location, how likely would you be to attend?
Which of the following best describes your primary job responsibilities