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OSR’s Products and Services

OSR Solves Problems

OS-level software (device drivers, file system minifilters, and other types of filter drivers) bring their own special challenges.  Why not use our hard-learned expertise to help solve your OS-level software challenges.  After all, we’ve been solving problems for folks for more than 20 years.


Whether you need an experienced team to review the design and code of a driver you’ve written, or you want to get some answers to design questions from a kernel-mode software architect.  Our team can help your team. Check out our consulting services.

Solution Frameworks

Let’s say you need to implement Data Loss Prevention in your product.  You know you need to encrypt files to make sure they’re not taken off-site and used.  You want that encryption (and, even more importantly, the decryption) to be done transparently and only by authorized individuals when they’re running an appropriately authorized application.  And you want to be able to share the encrypted files between Windows and Linux systems.  Complex stuff, right?  Yup, we agree.  Would you believe that we have a File Encryption Solution Framework (FESF) kit that allows you to have all this working (well, at least in a good state to demo) in less than two weeks time, and with no kernel-mode software development required?  And you’ll be using kernel-mode code that’s shipping and tested every day in commercial deployments world-wide.

That’s just one of our Solution Frameworks.  There are others, too!  Check out our off the shelf solutions.


Even though we’ve been writing code for more than 20 years, shipping products and solving problems from clients large and small the world over, we’re probably best known for our training services.

Let our engineering team members help you learn to design and develop device drivers, software drivers (otherwise known as “kernel servicess), and file system minifilters.  And we’ll even teach you how to debug them and analyze crashes.  We offer public and private seminars, world-wide.

Custom Development

Of course, we can also use our software development experience to help solve your specific problem.  We’ve designed and developed more custom software solutions over the years than we can even list.  Device drivers for embedded systems in medical equipment, high performance storage controllers, and numerous security and data gathering solutions (including many types of file system minifilters).  Drop us an email.  We’d love to talk about how we can help you with a custom development project.