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Hey Microsoft! We Want a Driver Developer Conference!

Hey Microsoft! We Want a Driver Developer Conference!

Update 11 November 2017:  Voting is closed.  The results are in!

I like Shenzhen.  Really, I do.  It’s an exciting, vital, and fast-growing city.  The food is phenomenal.

But as much fun as Shenzhen is, it’s not exactly “next door” for most of the Windows Driver Development Community.  If you’re in Western Europe, it’s more than a 12 hour flight.  If you’re in the Eastern US it’s a 16 hour flight.

I hear Taipei is a pretty great place, too, though I’ve never been.  Big, bustling.

Why do I bring-up Shenzen and Taipei, you ask?  Because, for the past two-plus years, those are the only places Microsoft has held conferences with a substantial amount of driver developer information.  And not just conferences.  Workshops, too.

I get that when it comes to sharing technical information about Windows, Greater China has been ignored for too long. Yes.  I agree 100%.

But let’s not fix this past sin by ignoring the rest of the world’s driver developers.

Lots of cool shit has been happening in the past several years that seriously impacts Windows driver developers.

We need a Windows Driver Developer Conference.  And, please… not JUST another one in Greater China.  We need one… someplace else:  Western Europe, Western USA… heck, I’d settle for Toronto at this point.  But, let’s HAVE one already!

What do you think?  Let your voice be heard!  Should Microsoft hold a conference for driver developers?

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