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Welcome to the OSR Developer's technical blog. We've relocated the blog here from our OSR Online site to make room for renovations of that site.

This blog is an independent home for our developers to post technical items of interest to the community. It you enjoy it, you can follow our RSS feed from this URL.

The NT Insider Breaks The Internet!!

Whenever we release a new issue of The NT Insider, it’s always a big day here at OSR.  It’s the culmination of weeks of writing, editing, and proof-reading.  We even plan Read more

Of Windows, Git, FUSE, and Moral Equivalence

It’s a known fact these days that Microsoft is feeling the Git love. As stated by Microsoft and reported by Ars Technica, the Windows operating system is even moving from its long lived Read more

C Is Not Reasonable

Those of you who’ve read my Pontifications over the years know that the things that annoy me are truly countless in number. But most of the things that annoy me Read more

Debugging Target RS1? Good Luck!

[Last updated 31 Aug 2016, 16:11 Eastern time] Update: As of 31 August 2016, we have verified that RS1 symbols are now present and indexed on the MSFT Symbol Server.  Yay! Read more

Careful With Your WDK Updates!

I can never help myself when it comes to updating to the latest WDK. It’s always exciting to diff the old contents with the new and see what’s really going Read more

Careful With Your VS 2015 Updates!

[Last updated 3 Aug 2016, 11:05 Eastern time to clarify some wording] Yesterday was 2 August 2016 — Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607, build 14393) was released. As welcome as Read more

WDK 14393 Code Analysis Enforces POOL_NX_OPTIN, Breaks POOL_NX_OPTIN

In an interesting twist, build 14393 of the WDK now enforces the use of NX non-paged pool:

This is a good thing as it will force all of us Read more